An artist never sleeps…

There is no limit to his energy

The synergy of mind, body and soul

Rips wildly through fatigue

And creativity simply oozes from every orifice

Coats the surface of the skin in surplus

An aritst must stay awake

Because his mind cannot and will not take a break

And so he lies awake in the darkness…

The first time we know fear is in the darkness

Because we are taught that it is full of evilness

We forget that we know darkness before light

And the somnambulant sage sees no difference

Between the darkness and a blank page

So he will not stop till both are filled

An artist…can’t keep still

Fidgeting fingers fumble for freedom

To transcribe 3 a.m. thoughts

‘Til the sunbeams seep in to assault tired eyes

The artist…will sleep after the sunrise

But only when the inscriptions of the insomniac

Are etched into his reality.






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