Yin and yang,
Rise and fall,
Push and pull,
Equal and opposite.
What is it?

I started to wonder today why people strive for balance. What is it about this thing…this goal…that makes people so crazy to achieve it. I’m an inquisitive soul, so of course I asked around a little bit.

A lot of my friends had a similar response. This thing about equilibrium. This question of having everything in your life being just so. Equilibrium. Still, does equilibrium mean the same thing for everyone?

We all get to this point in our lives that’s absolute chaos; and that just maybe the time we crave balance the most. We crave the peace. We crave the moment where everything is right.

One thing resonates with me. Balance doesn’t really equate to rightness, does it? Otherwise it would just be chasing vapours. Balance is not that ideal. There’s always something that tips the scale just enough to cause incongruence, an impetus that makes us want to restore this thing called balance.


But what’s on the scale to begin with? For me, balance was never about everything being exactly the way I wanted or planned it to be. Balance was never about idealism. It’s about finding the middle ground between idealism and reality. It’s that perfect equality between my chaos and my triumphs.

Do you think the equilibrium that characterises balance is the same thing as being equal? Theoretically that probably sounds like a question with a most obvious answer, but is it really that obvious?

My balance doesn’t mean that there’s an equal amount of good and bad going on right now. Heck, you and I know well that life doesn’t usually work that way – there’s always more of one than the other. I think balance lies more in how we deal with the combination of good and bad, than in the good and bad themselves.

It is our ultimate undoing, this thing called balance. We strive to achieve what we can’t control for so long before some of us realise that we are not the scale trying to balance two uncontrollable variables, we are one of the variables, and we decide whether we will allow our circumstances to weigh us down or let us soar.

So now I have to ask…what does balance mean to you?



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